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Dental, Orthodontic & Specialty Dentistry

Full Service Smiles

Everything you and your family needs for a healthy smile is all in one place. Ranging from a dental cleaning to dental implants, dental emergency, or braces, we can't wait to give you the care you deserve.

General, Specialty & Cosmetic

Dental Services

Dentistry is designed to help you keep your beautiful smile healthy. However we understand how overwhelming and confusing dental treatments can be. We want to ensure patients stay informed as possible so refer to the general, specialty and cosmetic dental care to learn more about all of the dental services and treatments available to you all before you visit A+ Dental Care!


Clear Aligners & Braces

Teeth alignment can improve a person's smile and self-esteem! We know that committing to braces or additional forms of orthodontic work can be a huge step. Our orthodontic and braces page is designed to inform patients about the most common orthodontic questions and concerns. Our goal is to give you Straight Talk about braces!

What People Are Saying

"Before going home after teeth cleaning, the Dental hygienist typically sends the person home with a sample package of tooth care products, some stains they missed cleaning, and minor/major toothache due to the cleaning. Today was the first time I had my teeth cleaned by Leneisha at A Plus. She sent me home with only the sample package of tooth care products. She did a through job and she had magic hands that her cleaning tools did not irritate my sensitive teeth but yet enough to do a complete and fast cleaning. She is truly one of the best hygienists I ever cared by if not the best and hope to see her again at A Plus during my next visit in the Fall."